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TMG Issuance Plan

This page shows the TMG bond issuance schedule for FY2018¹.

All TMG bonds will obtain credit rating from Standard & Poor's Rating Services.

Standard and Poor's Long-term Issuer Credit Rating: A+

As of March 30, 2018

2018 2019 FY2018
Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar

10-year bond²

(Monthly issues)

20 once a month

About 20 once a month³


Middle-term bond

(3, 5, 7yr) and
Super long-term bond (20, 30yr)

About 30 each time


Tokyo Green Bonds

(for institutional investors and

 private investors)

Total about 20
per year


International bond

About 50 once a year50

Flex Term

Maturity not yet determined


¹This plan is subject to change at any time.

²10-year bond is subject to increase funding amount according to the funding needs

of TMG. TMG conducts additional marketing for issuance of 10-year bonds by JPY10-20bn  per  half of the year.

³The issue amount of the March will depend on funding need and market conditions.




About the 10-year bonds

ĚRedemption dates will be the 20th of March, June, September and December, coinciding with benchmark JGBs

ĚThe payment dates will be the 25th of February and August.

View the FY2018 bond issuance schedule for publicly offered bonds in PDF format

TMG Issuance Plan(PDF:79KB)PDF